Brooklyn Reclaimed Yellow Pine Bookcase by Josh Hall

Brooklyn Reclaimed, Josh Hall, Master Carpenter and Furniture Maker shows off his mad skills in making this Reclaimed Yellow Pine Bookcase for an upscale Manhattan residence. This project which, was coordinated at the Architect & Designer level, led by owner, Merritt Fine and co-owner Tim Spence. Fine, who is an expert in Reclaimed Lumber and how it plays a role in today’s architecture, has over 30 years, hands on experience in the reclaimed lumber business and spec. projects. Spence, who is a master craftsman continues to compliment Fine with his artistic edge and ability to work at the designer level in bringing these projects successfully to fruition.

We took a moment to speak with Fines right hand man, Joe Pepe about his bosses approach in this amazing reclaimed lumber niche and he had to say, “Merritt get’s it. And, most importantly, he get’s us, which enables everyone to express themselves artistically and professionally. His vision and ability to evolve in this marketplace is inspirational.”

The Josh Hall Reclaimed Yellow Pine Bookcase.

Made of Brooklyn reclaimed yellow pine and supported with junior beam stanchions and built in recessed plates. The shelving was sanded and stained with an ebony color as per specification. The beams have a patina rustic look done by Josh Hall. The weight of the bookcase is over 300 pounds. When talking about the installation of this massive bookcase, Josh Hall said, ” I will be overseeing the install. It will take 4 people to carry it and 3 people to install”. Check back with us on pictures of this bookcase installed in the clients home.

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