Outdoor Reclaimed Table in black locust

Outdoor Table in black locust: work in progress in the Shop at Brooklyn Reclaimed, Brooklyn, New York.
Our fourth collaboration with designers Mark Kushemba and Kelly Newton. This is an interesting spin on the classic “free edge ” table, because here the outside perimeter remains a rectangle, while the free edges face inwards where the planks meet one another

5Pointz Reclaimed at Brooklyn Reclaimed

5Pointz Reclaimed at Brooklyn Reclaimed with: Meres One, Ben Angotti, Toofly, Sloke, Amuze, Topaz, Poet, Demer, Kenji, Jerms and more

5Pointz lives! Its spirit has been revived on the grounds of Brooklyn Reclaimed, a Bushwick-based company that specializes in the design and construction of handcrafted furniture fashioned from reclaimed wood. On our visit to Brooklyn Reclaimed earlier this week, we caught a glimpse of some completed works and many in progress. Here is a sampling:


And to celebrate the launch of the Brooklyn Reclaimed yard curated by 5 Pointzcreates, an exhibit will take place this Saturday featuring a range of new original artwork on reclaimed wood and much more.