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Utilizing reclaimed materials sourced from some of Brooklyn's oldest buildings and recycled into beautiful furniture.

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Brooklyn Reclaimed residential division makes unique farm tables, chairs, benches, picnic tables for home owners, designers and architects

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Brooklyn Reclaimed works closely with Architects and Designers to develop new concepts for restaurants, bars and commercial space...

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Brooklyn Reclaimed Retail and Display division can help your company create the perfect design for your next display case or shelving units. Give us call to discuss your next project..

Brooklyn Reclaimed Spotlight

News 1 reports on February 29, 2016

What was old is new again thanks to one unique furniture company in Brooklyn. M Fine Lumberyard in Williamsburg has been recycling lumber in the city for more than eight decades. But for the past two years, Brooklyn Reclaimed has been working out of the yard, turning wood from old buildings in the borough into furniture pieces. With source materials ranging from the Coney Island boardwalk to the Brooklyn Domino Sugar factory, carpenters say many of their pieces represent Brooklyn's rich history. "There's also a lot of pleasure in just not just going to a like box lumber store and getting some lumber from there, but something that actually has some history and has been around and especially some of this wood, some pieces themselves are inspiration for different pieces of furniture, just the look and feel and what not," said Tim Spence, Managing Partner at Brooklyn Reclaimed.

A Brooklyn­ based lumber company that’s been artfully recycling lumber in New York for over 80 years.

"We are dedicated to taking our city’s legacy out of the scrap yard and putting it back into our daily lives."

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Brooklyn Reclaimed, Josh Hall, Master Carpenter and Furniture Maker shows off his mad skills in making this Reclaimed Yellow Pine Bookcase for an upscale Manhattan residence. This project which, was coordinated at the Architect & Designer level, led by owner, Merritt Fine and co-owner Tim Spence.


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